March 28, 2006

Just joined!


I just joined this KAL and can't wait to start making this. I am a bit intimidated, though with the twisted float -I keep reading through the pattern and I am not sure I understand what to do exactly. The pictures of it in the "How To" section didn't really clarify it for me. ANy suggestions? I was also wondering if you (Reb) decided to go with the chocolate and vera? That's what I was thinking of using, but I think I read that you weren't sure. I have not seen either yarn IRL, so I was wondering what your opinion is of these 2 together.




Reb said...

I totally love the Vera. It's a great colorway consisting of something like Lorna's chino, chocolate, cedar, and a fuchsia/magenta. I love the chocolate trim with the Vera. I think the chino would be nice, too, depending what direction you want to go. Or the cedar would be lovely.

Putting the chocolate worsted next to the Vera, though, the part I don't love is the lack of contrast between chocolate and fuchsia/magenta. I think the cedar would have looked better. I am starting over on size 8 needles, but I'll post a pic as soon as I can. Hopefully by tomorrow.

Linda said...

Oh please do post pics! I will wait until I see it before I order my contrasting color.