August 03, 2006

Take out three times

Hello Everybody,

I just join the group.

I have try to do this shrug three times and my sts are not coming out like the magazine.

On rnd 2 I am suppose tho have 24 sts. I have 28,

All my other rnds are off.

Did anyone else have this problem? Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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Kim said...


When you've finished the increase from 8 to 16 stitches and divided them over four DPNs (at 4 stitches each), be sure to do round two exactly as follows: k1, inc 1 as you k1 in second stitch, k1, inc 1 as you k1 on original fourth stitch for each DPN. Basically you add two stitches on to each DPN. That should put you at 24 after the round. I'm not exactly how you're getting an extra stitch per needle, but somewhere you're increasing one too many times.