October 01, 2006

Finished but not happy

Hi all,
I have finished my shrug but am not happy about the obvious pattern/colour change lines along the body & both sleeves. How did others overcome this?


Kim said...

I had the same issue with mine. For the body, I did break the yarn on the solid color between twist sections, which lessened the line visibility. That meant more ends to weave but it was worth it. For the sleeves, I decided to start at the "underarm" point from the view I would wear most often (sweater versus shrug). That way it would be underneath my arm. That was a tradeoff decision. I know Vicki (Redgum) had some suggestions on minimizing this jog back in June.

I think yours still looks great!

Vicki said...

Hi Christine

My joins aren't invisible either but I've learned to live with it. I couldn't bear the thought of weaving the ends in so I've just accepted the shortcomings.

Yes, I agree with Kim, it looks great, as does yours Kim.


Kim said...

Thanks, Vicki! Christine, my vote is keep it, don't frog it!