March 19, 2007

I feel I'm at risk of making this "all about me".........

.........and I apologise!

but here goes (again!)

Still no photos :( sorry - but no real progress this weekend as I am disturbed (for want of a better word) at just how big this thing is!

I picked up for the sleeves and I've done five pattern repeats and they come to my elbows, just about, so I'm going to start the decreases when I pick it up again, hopefully this week but my dismay at the size may prevent that! Once I'd done the sleeves I tried it on and the thing is huge!!

It comes to my knees in the back!!

Way, way longer than the photo in Vogue. I think I was so concerned about making sure it fit around my chest I didn't properly think of the consequences, it being a circle and all! My husband, bless him, says it looks fine to him, but I'm not convinced! To me it looks too much like a big blanket rather than designer knitwear!

Anyhow, I've been kind of musing on what to do about it and I think I will be unpicking a couple of pattern repeats between the arm-holes and the outside edge and reknitting the lapel rounds and edging - ugh!! Having written that thought down I will have to check and see just how many pattern repeats there are between the sleeves and the lapel round - it might not even be possible to do that.

I had at first thought I would try and graft two sections together after frogging a couple of repeats but quickly realized that won't work due to the increases each round and therefore mismatch in number of stitches and size of the rounds to be grafted together, so I'm facing reknitting the outer rounds and the edging :(

..............and that's what has caused me to set it aside.

Also musing on just how to frog it to ensure I am able to recover all the stitches!

I'm thinking of maybe trying to pick up the stitches at the point I want to start again from before actually unpicking anything and then using the fact that I've already cut the contrast float yarn as a dividing point to start unpicking - kind of like we did for the sleeves with the waste yarn, except there's no waste yarn row.

Of course I could always just finish it up and have it as a coat rather than a shrug, and then learn from my mistakes in the next version, but I'm not sure I would ever wear it, nor am I sure I would ever want to knit this thing again.......... I've never been much of one for repeating patterns!

Decisions, decisions!!
Any thoughts?

March 09, 2007

Finished and cast off the body

Well I finished the body - what a pain knitting with double threads at the edge - they kept getting split by the needles and I ended up throwing the yarn with my whole hand which was aching quite severely by the end. But it's done......... until I get to the sleeve edges!

I was somewhat dismayed by the size of it - it seems it will be more of a coat than a shrug, LOL.

But I was very cavalier in knitting it going by number of stitches rather than actual measurements so it's my own fault. I think it's approximately 44 inches in diameter rather than the 40 for the large size, which, of course, is already a full 10 inches bigger than the small that's pictured in Vogue.

So lesson learned - I will make a note to myself to knit at least one fewer pattern repeat and perhaps place the arm-holes slightly closer to the center on the next one (if there ever is a next one!) not sure about this until I actually make the arm-holes and test it out. And of course measure as I go! Actually I think it would have been a good idea to actually make the arm-holes earlier so it could've been fitted better.

I took a look at some of the finished shrugs posted here last year and was heartened to note that many look larger than the Vogue picture but all look fantastic! Well done everyone. So there's hope.

Moving on to the sleeves.

Wish me luck!

March 05, 2007

New Member!

Hi All:

Thanks Kim for adding me to the roster :)

I've been knitting the shrug for a couple of weeks and stumbled across this knit-along when I was looking for images to post on my blog.

Anyhow, I'm happy to have found you and am looking forward to joining in the fun!

I am up to about 64 stitches per section and have to say these are the longest rows I have ever knit!

I'm not a huge fan of circular needles but got an adjustable set (with extenders!!) for Christmas and so have to justify the acquisition! I'm not using the recommended yarns - too expensive - but hope it will turn out ok anyhow.

I'd really like some hints on the sleeves as I'll be getting to those hopefully this week.

I'm not sure I quite understand how it's going to work, picking up and then undoing the waste yarn. I'm assuming this is done with the wrong side facing as all the knitting has been this way although it's not specified in the pattern /instructions!

Also I noted the "upset" in posts here about the position of the "seam" on the sleeves and wondered if anyone has suggestions? I haven't been carrying the solid yarn between float sections but cut it and darned in the strings, so maybe it won't be such an issue?

I'm notoriously bad about posting photos on my blog of my projects so sorry, no photos yet but I promise that I will get some up, at least of the finished article --- after so much work, you can bet I'm showing it off!

I'm just hoping it's not too big - on the circulars it's now so bunched up I haven't been able to measure it. As I really didn't check my gauge I could wind up with a lot of work for nothing.

At least my kitty likes it - Sophie, the little Siamese we rescued from the forest preserve - sorry she's not yet been properly introduced on my blog, loves to try and snuggle right in the middle of it while I'm working on it!

Well enough about me - I'm looking forward to your suggestions on the sleeves and any other tips graduates of the shrug KAL can share!

Cheers for now - Janet

March 04, 2007

I'm a slow knitter

OK, so I got caught up with my Christmas knitting. Then in the new year, I started working on baby gifts and other stuff.... I have knitting-style ADD in that I cannot finish a project, but I am very good at starting 30 of them.

So, I am just going to stick with my usual excuse: I'm a slow knitter.

When I get this knitting bit onto a larger circ, I'll post another photo. Don't expect anything before July....

March 02, 2007

New Host

Hi, all!

I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Kim and I'm taking over hosting duties from Reb. I originally joined the KAL in May 2006 and completed my shrug in July.

If you'd like to join the KAL or have any feedback to give me on updates, just click on my name on the sidebar to e-mail me. Thanks, Reb, for your time hosting the KAL for this great project!