June 30, 2006

Progress report from Sweden

Hi, my blog-name is Garngamen (Sigrid for real), (which means: The yarn volture, in Swedish). I actually started to knit this shrug almost immediately when the magazine came out, using yarn from stash, which is Debbi Bliss Maya, two strands of my Estonian 100% wool yarn in the two different shades, one in turqouise, and one in a slow transfer between purples and blue. The white yarn is also two strands of a Swedish spinnery called Mojärv. I have tried different edges, and fell for a mohair-blend, but having tried it, I'm not totally happy with it. Thinking of re-doing it. Also, I seem to have increased a bit uneven, which makes it a bit bubbly. Current progress is that I have knitted one sleeve, that I plan to frog, since it feels a bit too big. Problems comes from using different yarn size, and size of shrug. This pictures are from a while back, but I hoped this KAL could move my UFO into a WIP again! Anyway, Greetings from a summer -sunny Sweden.

June 23, 2006

A better picture of the body!

I am feeling so good about my sweater! here is a better picure all stretchrd out to shape. I am starting the sleeves to day!

June 22, 2006

I finished the body!

Whew! I am excited to be finally be finished with the body! All along I have been so unsure of the sweater since mine looked so different than everyone elses. Now that I bound off all 464 stitches (yikes!) I feel like I have accomplished something unique! I have spent $28 on this project using all of my left over yarns! Yeah! Now I can't wait to finished the sleeves!

Here's the start of my cocoon

I put it down a couple of month's ago since I didn't understand the instructions and; finally, I called my yarn store and asked for some assistance. It was an "ah" moment...just a lot of untangle of the 2 skeins I'm working with.

In addition, I substituted the solid color of Charcoal grey to a Douglas Fir green (I didn't want it to contrast so much).

June 18, 2006

I've finished!

I've finally finished AND learned to upload a photo (fingers crossed it's the right size)! The loopy mohair was thicker than the one specified and I think that's made it a little more "frilly" but I can live with this.
Although I added another round of the pattern to the sleeves for the small size, if I were doing it again, I'd make them longer. This pattern is difficult to measure exactly. All the same, I'm very pleased that this is now complete.

June 13, 2006

A Note about Sleeves

A tip for knitting the sleeves. Be careful of where you begin the round. I finished my first sleeve and pulled it undone the next day because the beginning of the round (and therefore the carrying of colour B) ended up along the middle of the outside of the sleeve.

I'm not sure exactly how to get the best placement for the beginning of the round and the only thing I can suggest is work out where you want it to be by holding the body of the shrug against you to see where this line would be.

A note of encouragement - the sleeves are a cinch once you've completed the body and that interminable border!

June 12, 2006

Woo hoo! Finished the body!

Ok, I'm so happy that I finished the body tonight that I'm tempted to pick up the stitches for the first sleeve. But, it's time to revel in my achievement and go to bed! It will be here in the morning.

Here's a photo of the entire body on the dining room table. I have more photos posted on my blog.

Twisted Float Shrug-Along

Twisted Float Shrug-Along

How do I get on the list of shruggers?

June 11, 2006


Ok, so I got down to the last six rounds for the trim yarn today and I was very excited--I'll finish the body today! Yes, I held such high hopes until I started knitting with boucle yarn, double-stranded on size 8 needles, around the bottom of my hot air balloon. It was the longest six rounds of my life! I started the bind off, but only got one quarter around before I had to stop myself to go to bed. This is like the ultimate torture--so close, but...well, you know. And the worst part is--it looks really good! It's worth the hassle!

I should have update pics tomorrow night. I'm going to finish this part in the next 24 hours if it kills me.

I too am joinging late!

Hello! I just found this knit along even though I have knitting my shrug now for a week and a half. I hope you don't mind me barging in :).

Everybody's looks great! Wow! This shrug allows for creativity in it and I love that! Mine is quite different from everyone elses. I used all of my left over yarn for the sweater and did distictive rings for it. My goal lately has been to whiddle down my yarn stash and this was the perfect project for it!

You can see it in my blog here: http://hippyknits.multiply.com.

I have 6 hours of uninterrupted (no kids) time to knit today! Yeah! Can't wait to finish!

June 09, 2006


Hi guys, I just wanted to check in.

I just started the trim and I'm excited about finishing the body of the sweater. I'm not knitting to any particular size recommended in the pattern. I am actually knitting this for a friend and I am knitting it to her exact measurements.

For the inner circle, I measured her back and made that the diameter of the inner circle. Then I left the waste yarn for the armhole. The outer diameter I get by measuring the entire bodice of my friend.

I hope this method works. There are just so many stitches on the needle that it's hard to get a good measurement.

I hope to have some photos soon. Right now I'm tied up with a commission project which I really need to get done. I'm knitting a scarf for Annie Modesitt for her up and coming book. So after that I'll continue on the shrug. Will keep you all posted. Happy Knitting.

June 04, 2006

Finished the Lapel Rnd Section

Ok, I've finished the 10 rounds for the lapel pattern change and I'm measuring out at about 36" diameter on the XL size. I have 56 stitches per section, and the pattern tells me I need to work the standard twist pattern now until I reach 67 stitches per section. I'm estimating that that will put me over the approximate 40" diameter. My gauge has been pretty consistent so far, so then the question is--do I stop when I hit 40" (guessing at about 63 stitches) or stop when I hit 67 stitches? Any thoughts?