June 22, 2006

Here's the start of my cocoon

I put it down a couple of month's ago since I didn't understand the instructions and; finally, I called my yarn store and asked for some assistance. It was an "ah" moment...just a lot of untangle of the 2 skeins I'm working with.

In addition, I substituted the solid color of Charcoal grey to a Douglas Fir green (I didn't want it to contrast so much).


Tamara said...

I just started mine - it is great to see someone else is at the beginning of theirs too. I need someone to share the pain of the tangled yarn. I ended up giving up on the idea of letting the yarn stay twisted when I got a bit farther on in the pattern - there were getting to be knots. I am now untangling the yarn a few times every round, I find it faster than sorting out the tangled strands when they knot up.

Kim said...

I totally understand about frogging at the beginning of this. I didn't understand the pattern at first either and ripped it out at least twice. Once I started, I got tired of the tangled yarn, so I just carried the balls manually to keep them from twisting. It was a bit slower, but a lot less tangles!

Also, I like the choice of the green for the contrast. I was worried about using Chocolate on mine, as the color wasn't as pronounced as the original colors, but I'm happy with the results.

redgum said...

Tamara, I share your pain with the tangled yarn. I did the same thing and untwisted it as I went for the remainder when it got too difficult. I chose not to see this as a copout; rather as a moment of genius:-)

It was much faster for me as well and far less heartache.