June 09, 2006


Hi guys, I just wanted to check in.

I just started the trim and I'm excited about finishing the body of the sweater. I'm not knitting to any particular size recommended in the pattern. I am actually knitting this for a friend and I am knitting it to her exact measurements.

For the inner circle, I measured her back and made that the diameter of the inner circle. Then I left the waste yarn for the armhole. The outer diameter I get by measuring the entire bodice of my friend.

I hope this method works. There are just so many stitches on the needle that it's hard to get a good measurement.

I hope to have some photos soon. Right now I'm tied up with a commission project which I really need to get done. I'm knitting a scarf for Annie Modesitt for her up and coming book. So after that I'll continue on the shrug. Will keep you all posted. Happy Knitting.

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