June 30, 2006

Progress report from Sweden

Hi, my blog-name is Garngamen (Sigrid for real), (which means: The yarn volture, in Swedish). I actually started to knit this shrug almost immediately when the magazine came out, using yarn from stash, which is Debbi Bliss Maya, two strands of my Estonian 100% wool yarn in the two different shades, one in turqouise, and one in a slow transfer between purples and blue. The white yarn is also two strands of a Swedish spinnery called Mojärv. I have tried different edges, and fell for a mohair-blend, but having tried it, I'm not totally happy with it. Thinking of re-doing it. Also, I seem to have increased a bit uneven, which makes it a bit bubbly. Current progress is that I have knitted one sleeve, that I plan to frog, since it feels a bit too big. Problems comes from using different yarn size, and size of shrug. This pictures are from a while back, but I hoped this KAL could move my UFO into a WIP again! Anyway, Greetings from a summer -sunny Sweden.


Ana Maria said...

Your colors are gorgeous. Your yarn seems a little bulkier than mine and that might be the reason it seems bubbly. Mine is still in the UFO. Time and patience will get me back to it because I love this project.

Garngamen said...

Wow, thanks for the comment. I luv the colours too. No, I think it is right swatch. But I know myself, I'm unfortunately a "mindless" knitter, meaning that I use less of my mind when I knit (hmmf) forget to increase and since I do not REALLY have the patience to count several hundreds of stiches (hey, I get lost anyway) I probably overcompensates some rows later. That is why it is bubbly. But, yarn is elastic, so a bit pressing will probably do the trick. But thanks anyway!