July 30, 2006

I've finished my shrug!

Well, I'm happy to say that I've completed my shrug! Wahoo!! Following are some project notes:

*I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Gold Hill and Chocolate for the body/sleeves and Lorna's Laces Grace in Chocolate for the trim.

*I made the XL size, as I wanted it larger than shown in Vogue Knitting. I did stop the increases on the body at 63 stitches between markers instead of 67 stitches, as I didn't want it too much longer.

*Ironic story of the project---I tried on the shrug during the first sleeve so I could determine the length I wanted. I decided on a total of 8 pattern repeats. Then, I actually ran out of Gold Hill with 1/2 of the second sleeve to go. I found another hank in another dye lot and completed the sleeve. Then I tried it on---the sleeves were too long by about two inches! Apparently the way that the shrug hung on me during the first sleeve did not give an accurate assessment of the length. I should have pulled out a tape measure! Frankly, I'm too lazy to pull out sleeve ends to shorten them, so I folded them back (although not shown in photos). Actually, it didn't look too bad, as it mirrored the collar style.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the results. Now I can't wait to see everyone else's completed shrugs!

July 27, 2006

Finally Started!

I finally started my shrug last night. The LLs is lovely to work with but I am thinking of frogging & starting again. I am only up to the first twisted float section but am not happy with the opening circle at the start. I tried to remember the instructions for the circular cast on that Kenny recommended but couldn't (knew I should have written it down) so just cast on as per the instructions. Still trying to decide whether to leave it & attempt to weave some magic later or, before I go any further, rippit & start again. I am using the original colourway but mine doesn't appear as purple as I thought it would.

July 26, 2006

Out of yarn!

Arg--I tempted the knitting gods and failed by not having extra yarn. Somehow (even with good gauge) I managed to run out of the Gold Hill colorway with 1/2 a sleeve to go. See my blog for more ranting. Hopefully I'll have the situation rectified by the weekend and I can finish by next week.

July 24, 2006

Yarn substitution....

Please forgive me ... for not using the yarn recommended (or LL as many of you have used...?)

I browse through the web and find that the yarns are simply VERY costly to me (some HK$1,300 for the whole project excluding needles...)! As the pattern, I expect, is suitable for many other types of yarn I am trying to walk around local yarn shops and find something more affordable ...

I guess I would try to buy yarn from the Mainland China... after carefully choosing the right color match with nice fiber content I'll report to you all what finally I have chosen!

July 23, 2006

Yarn Possibility?

KnitPicks just came out with a bulky wool of the andes handpaint and solids. I wonder if this would be a less costly yarn alternative. The pattern is very easy to change for different gauges. Simply knit the inner circle until it is the correct width for your own arms and knit the outer circle until it is the desired diameter.

I bet it would be quick - though some may not like added bulk. I love this shrug!

Hi Everyone

I started my twisted float shrug in the middle of last month and have been cheating on it with some other projects. Man do I hate doing the twisted float rounds!

I'm a few rows away from completion of the main body and then I'm on to the edging.

I'm using LL Shepherd Worsted in Charcoal and Lakeview and I'm very pleased with how it is coming out so far.

I'm knitting it on Denise needles and I bought a 52" cord for it and I put it on some extender cords to try it on so far:

I was so in love with the pattern after first seeing Kenny posting about it that I was instpired to knit it myself. Thanks Kenny!

July 18, 2006

Nice to meet you all!

I've just ordered the VK back issue and happily awaiting for the pattern! Meanwhile thinking about the colors matching thing... how to turn it into a bit more 'oriental'? And happy to meet you all!

July 13, 2006

Sleeve Decreases

Hey all you shruggers!! I have a question.

I was wondering how you did the decreases for the sleeve. Did you do k2tog or ssk? Did you do them at the beginning of the round or the end of the round? Did you do them 1-2 stitches before/after the marker?

I know, so many possibilities. Just wanted to get some advice.


July 10, 2006

First sleeve completed

I'm grateful to Vicki for the encouraging words that the sleeve goes much faster than the body. She was right--I was able to get the first sleeve done in one week. I had to do 8 pattern repeats to get to the top of my hand, but it wasn't bad. I'm not posting pics yet, so as not to spoil the unveiling at completion. I do have photos of the progress on my blog, though, if anyone is interested.

Ok, Kenny and Carrie--I know the two of you are in about the same place as I am. Let's see if we can finish the same week!

July 01, 2006

Level 2 - Body Completed

You know those computer role playing games, where you start out a Level 1 mage and as you go forth in your quest, you fight battles and cast spells and you gained experience points so that you’ll eventually get up to the next level?

Well, being a self taught knitter, I’ve been collecting those experience points from lots of books and the internet. I just realized that I might have enough experience points now to be bumped up a Level - Intermediate maybe?

Why? Because I modified a pattern! No, I didn’t make huge alterations, add on or subtract major design elements; I just adjusted the size. Does that count?

So, naturally, I need to blog about it before I forgot what I did.

So, I’m knitting this for my friend Marla. She is not a little bitty girl but not like husky or anything. She is just a tall, full figured woman. Nice body and this is coming from a gay boy! I want to make sure that this jacket fits her with as little ease as possible so that we can still see her nice silhouette and it doesn’t look like she has a huge carpet rug wrapped around her.

Looking at the pattern, and measuring Marla like 15,000 times, I’ve concluded that she is slightly bustier than a Medium but not quite a Large.

I racked my brains and eventually just threw all the sizing information from the pattern out the window. I’ll just knit the circle to her exact body measurement. Even as I started, I started the pattern differently. Instead of using the recommended cast on, I cast on using Emily Ocker’s circular cast on. (I'll post the technique if people request it.) As I started, I assumed that I’d be knitting till the diameter of the circle equaled the width of Marla’s back, from armpit to armpit. Then I placed the armhole opening and continued knitting the outer ring of the circle. While doing all this, I had to make sure that I maintained the correct ratio of the stockinette and garter rings of the pattern, and also to remember to increase 8 stitches per round, every other round. Here are my notes. After I created the armhole opening, I had to make sure that the rest of the circle was large enough to wrap around her bust area. Let’s just put it this way, Marla’s little boobies are not that little. So, here again, I had to modify the pattern and knit a wider lapel round to accommodate for her Baywatch boobies.

So after months due, here it is:
Phew, that was nerve wrecking. But there is another challenge now. I’ve made the body look fine, but now since I moved her armhole opening, I now need to make modifications on the sleeve shaping. She made it clear that she didn’t want no puffy sleeves. I need to think about the sleeve shaping and I have no experience about this at all and will just winging it.

Happy 4th.