November 29, 2006

Twisted yarn

Yes, this pattern is meant to have twisted yarn, but I am having a lot of trouble with the two balls of yarn getting too twisted up. In the pattern, it tells you not to manually untwist the yarns because you will be automatically untwisting them per the pattern. However, my yarns get so twisted that I can no longer knit with them.

Did anyone else have this problem?

Can you give me suggestions?

November 27, 2006

November 19, 2006

Per your request

Here are some photos of my yarn being dyed for this project.

Next time, I'll post a photo of the yarn dried and wound.

November 09, 2006

Just starting

Hi folks,
I have been looking at this pattern for over a year and I have finally puckered up the courage to give it a shot.

I dyed my own yarn, the Bare superwash worsted from knitpicks.

I have frogged it about 20 times now, but I think that I am happy with the Emily Ocker cast on and I am going to forge ahead.