July 27, 2006

Finally Started!

I finally started my shrug last night. The LLs is lovely to work with but I am thinking of frogging & starting again. I am only up to the first twisted float section but am not happy with the opening circle at the start. I tried to remember the instructions for the circular cast on that Kenny recommended but couldn't (knew I should have written it down) so just cast on as per the instructions. Still trying to decide whether to leave it & attempt to weave some magic later or, before I go any further, rippit & start again. I am using the original colourway but mine doesn't appear as purple as I thought it would.


Kim said...

Christine--I must have started the center at least 7-8 times, as I was never happy with the opening circle. I didn't use cast on that Kenny suggested either. What I ended up doing was leaving a fairly long tail on my cast on, then wove the tail around the circle and drew it shut. It didn't cause the piece to be too wavy, and some light blocking flattened it out. Good luck!

Christine said...

Thanks Kim. I think I will start again, it is so lovely & such a lot of work to let it go & not be happy with it.