March 09, 2007

Finished and cast off the body

Well I finished the body - what a pain knitting with double threads at the edge - they kept getting split by the needles and I ended up throwing the yarn with my whole hand which was aching quite severely by the end. But it's done......... until I get to the sleeve edges!

I was somewhat dismayed by the size of it - it seems it will be more of a coat than a shrug, LOL.

But I was very cavalier in knitting it going by number of stitches rather than actual measurements so it's my own fault. I think it's approximately 44 inches in diameter rather than the 40 for the large size, which, of course, is already a full 10 inches bigger than the small that's pictured in Vogue.

So lesson learned - I will make a note to myself to knit at least one fewer pattern repeat and perhaps place the arm-holes slightly closer to the center on the next one (if there ever is a next one!) not sure about this until I actually make the arm-holes and test it out. And of course measure as I go! Actually I think it would have been a good idea to actually make the arm-holes earlier so it could've been fitted better.

I took a look at some of the finished shrugs posted here last year and was heartened to note that many look larger than the Vogue picture but all look fantastic! Well done everyone. So there's hope.

Moving on to the sleeves.

Wish me luck!


Kim said...

Nice job! Now that you're ready to start the sleeves, I can pass along my experience to ya! Are your sleeve holes in the middle of the twist section of the pattern or in the garter stitch? Mine were in the twist, so when I picked up the stitches on the wrong side (or what would normally appear to be the right side), I had to make sure that the twist still showed. Also, don't be afraid of picking up more stitches than called out to ensure that there are no holes at the ends of the openings. I added a couple of stitches and I still had some small gaps. You'll just need to knit these extra stitches together as you start the sleeve.

I also had my shrug come out larger than expected (I did the large). I also thought that my sleeves were going to be too short, so I lengthened them, then they came out too long once they hung on my body properly. Now I'm toying with shortening them.

Let me know if you have any other questions on the sleeves. I only wish I had taken photos of the process.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim: Thanks so much for the tips on the sleeves! I did the first one last night and ended up using the end from joining in the yarn to "darn" the holes at the arm-hole, and that was even after picking up a couple of extra stitches.

I picked up both sides of the arm-hole at once and took out the waste yarn as I went then repositioned the stitches on the working needle with the "seam" at the bottom of the arm-hole and therefore hopefully running along the bottom of the sleeve.

I've been cutting the contrast threads off and rejoining so the seam will hopefully be less obvious - who knows - this is one of my first circular needle projects!

Will try and take some photos now!