March 05, 2007

New Member!

Hi All:

Thanks Kim for adding me to the roster :)

I've been knitting the shrug for a couple of weeks and stumbled across this knit-along when I was looking for images to post on my blog.

Anyhow, I'm happy to have found you and am looking forward to joining in the fun!

I am up to about 64 stitches per section and have to say these are the longest rows I have ever knit!

I'm not a huge fan of circular needles but got an adjustable set (with extenders!!) for Christmas and so have to justify the acquisition! I'm not using the recommended yarns - too expensive - but hope it will turn out ok anyhow.

I'd really like some hints on the sleeves as I'll be getting to those hopefully this week.

I'm not sure I quite understand how it's going to work, picking up and then undoing the waste yarn. I'm assuming this is done with the wrong side facing as all the knitting has been this way although it's not specified in the pattern /instructions!

Also I noted the "upset" in posts here about the position of the "seam" on the sleeves and wondered if anyone has suggestions? I haven't been carrying the solid yarn between float sections but cut it and darned in the strings, so maybe it won't be such an issue?

I'm notoriously bad about posting photos on my blog of my projects so sorry, no photos yet but I promise that I will get some up, at least of the finished article --- after so much work, you can bet I'm showing it off!

I'm just hoping it's not too big - on the circulars it's now so bunched up I haven't been able to measure it. As I really didn't check my gauge I could wind up with a lot of work for nothing.

At least my kitty likes it - Sophie, the little Siamese we rescued from the forest preserve - sorry she's not yet been properly introduced on my blog, loves to try and snuggle right in the middle of it while I'm working on it!

Well enough about me - I'm looking forward to your suggestions on the sleeves and any other tips graduates of the shrug KAL can share!

Cheers for now - Janet

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