April 01, 2007


Here it is:

Definately making the small size next time!


Kim said...

Janet - I LOVE the color of your shrug. Even though it's larger than you'd like, I have to say it came out beautifully!

Janet said...

Hi Kim: Thanks so much for your kind comment, the color is my favourite thing about my version of the shrug LOL! I'm hoping it will grow on me, but not literally, of course.

Still not entirely sure about the fit of it. The armholes seem to widely spaced and it feels like it's falling off, and forget about wearing it "upside down" - it's looks (even more) ridiculous. I kind of feel like I'm wearing a wizard's cloak or something! and what's up with the puckering center? :Frown:

I definately didn't need to make the large size and am debating whether to frog it or not. I was thinking I could try and rescue the sleeves and the center and re-graft the sleeves onto armholes that are not so widely spaced by taking out at least one, probably multiple, pattern repeats, and then reknit to the border, again with fewer repeats.

But .....I'm sure that is easier said than done!

I'm not sure I could pick up all those stitches without missing some, and I've never grafted anything!

I did wear it today and got a couple of compliments from work mates, but what are they going to say?
"what *are* you wearing"
"your outfit looks daft" ? LOL

At the end of the day, since it's made in acrylic and cost less than $25 total I think I will leave it be and maybe reknit in a different colorway in the SMALL size!

BTW for some reason the photos on my blog look a lot better!

See http://jani22.blog-city.com

(I have updated recently with several knitting projects completed over the last few months!)