February 08, 2008

newcomer hello

Hello, all.
I'm new to this blog. I've been mooning over this pattern for several months, ever since my favorite yarn store displayed the finished product. Just gorgeous!
What surprised me was how differently the pattern knitted up on bloggers: some were soooo long (actually looked like a great jacket to me), others had huge collars, or were super roomy. I love seeing all the pics and the variations people made, by accident or on purpose.
My big concern: I need this shrug to be bigger than 40 inches. Annie's website describes it as being able to fit everyone, but I'm not sure how. I could do with a few more inches in the bust measurement (with no ease) and would like it not to gap hugely in front. I don't need it to button, just look like it's made for me, if you know what I mean! I can see that knitting more rounds to make the circle bigger and placing the armholes differently will take care of some of the issues. Has anyone else dealt with this?


Lori Rode said...

Check out the sizing tips or buy the pattern from Annie's website. I think it depends on where you place your armholes/sleeves, and how much further you keep knitting (what diameter you knit to). I dont' think it's supposed to close across the bustline, just drape artfully. You'll do fine.

Janet B said...

I woudl definitely warn against adding too many more rounds in - I did ( you can probably tell how many by counting the rings (like on a tree!!) and I hated how long it turned out (See April 1, 2007 below)

As Lori says I don't think it needs to meet at the bust line - mine actually overlapped quite a bit in the end :( I'm about a 40 -42 bust.

I gave it to a friend and she was planning to wear it "upside down" = with the huge "collar" which hid the center of the ring which neither of us cared for!