May 23, 2006

Waiting For Yarn

Hi all,
I have also just joined this KAL. Unlike Kim I haven't started as yet. I live in Australia and have had to order the yarn from the US, so I have to wait. I am using the original colourway, very unadventurous I know but I haven't even seen this yarn before so it makes it really hard. In the meantime I have read the previous posts and taken note of all the hints about casting on etc. I have a blog here where I post every few days; not always knitting related. Any other Aussie knitters out there who are tackling this one??

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Vicki said...

Hi Christine
I just made a long reply that I subsequently wiped:-(
I'm also from NSW and if you look through this blog I've made a few comments including which yarn I used.
You should be able to contact me through my website if you want to join up with another Aussie who is going mad finishing this garment!