May 02, 2006

Checking in...

Hi, everyone. I've been in a strange non-knitting vortex. I put the shrug down when I needed to solve the color problem and haven't pick it back up yet. Hope yours is coming along swimmingly!


Vicki said...

Hi from Australia to other shrug knitters

I've finally passed the armholes at long last due to other knitting projects getting in the way of completing this!

I have a couple of questions that those of you who've made more progress might have found.

Will the length of that circular needle be long enough (100cm or 40")? I'm not sure I can buy a longer one but I think I'll be struggling to get over 400 stitches on this one.

Also, once you start to get to the longer rows, how do you cope with letting the yarn twist as you go and then letting it untwist on the third row?

It takes an awful lot of space and I can see that soon there will be an almighty mess and a big tangle so I've decided to abandon that method and just untwist as I go.

I'm not convinced that the result won't look the same anyway without struggling with this "correct" method.

Kenny, how's your progress?

Seahorse said...

Hi Vicki,

I finished the body part of mine a few days ago. I used my Boye Needlemaster circular with an extension on it but I think I could have just about squeezed all the stitches onto a regular size circ.

As for the floats, they were indeed a bit of a nightmare! For the last few, I resorted to putting both balls of yarn on the floor right at the other side of the room, so that there was plenty of space for them to twist. On the interveneing row I stopped every few stitches and carefully slid the twist down the yarn. It did work with no major tangles but it got a bit tedious in the end!

Vicki said...

Dear Seahorse

Thanks for this tip. I've done a few rounds now untwisting the floats as I go and it doesn't look different. Takes up less room and far less stressful, so I'll be finishing the shrug this way unless a miracle happens!