June 30, 2007

30 June 2007- Garngamen finished

Swedish KAL-friends - I- Garngamen is finished. I started it fall-05, and then had to reknit one sleeve that I felt was a bit too loose. It has been an UFO for awhile, butI got my act togheter and Now Im officielly done! Im so happy. It was actually quite fun except those last rows in the big circle that just swallowed the balls like nothing. And reknitting is never fun. It looks much better from the back! When I now turn you see why it has not been a priority: Im not shaped well for this knit. You could also tell Im buttoning it a bit. Great with a stretchy fabric. Im thinking of adding shortrows and close that belly showing gap. It is not as nice when it sticks out. But it is looks great from the back! No comments on very temporary buttons, please. Anyhow, I was not fully true to pattern, since I thnk I accidently added some extra increases on last rounds. Also, being a bit too many X in the size, I automatically add a bit. That was the cause of sleeve re-knit, since I made them too big. They look better a bit tight, but not as comfortable as big. Im just going to walk you through the yarn used. Maya from Debbie Bliss (same as Manus del Uraguy wool yarn), and then Estonian two-threaded Kauni wool (in the double) turqoise, and purple (and also some hank of this in plain colour). White is Mojärv (Swedish). Edge is Mohair (Ombre?). Colour inspiration was a Greek sea holiday - with the salty water, sea and seaweed. Visit my blog at garngamen (which means yarnvulture). It is in English - even if Im Swedish. Im trying to have a lot of pictures! Thank yo all KAL-friends for great inspiration. I think this pattern is great to finish off yarn scraps, blends and such.


delaïdo said...

The colors are beautiful and I think it looks great on you.

Reb said...

Wow, this turned out so beautiful, and it looks great on you!