March 09, 2006

Pics of an upsized shrweater

BJ has already knit this shrweater; here are the pics. She used Lorna's in the Tuscany coloway. Doesn't it look amazing? I am so digging this stitch pattern.

BJ upsized the garment. I'd been worried that making it fit around a no-longer-tiny body (or fit around it with lots of room to spare in BJ's case--a 40" garment on 5'4" medium-size BJ) would be way too long, but I think it looks great. I like it better than the length the Vogue model is wearing.

Shrug, side view:

Shrug, back:

Sweater, side view:

Sweater, back:


Kenny said...

This is amazing Reb. One, I'm glad I didn't pick Tuscany. I just thought tuscany would look different, but looking at that pic, it wouldn't suit my friend's skin tone.

2nd, how is the center of her medallion? You're so lucky that you are able to look at one that's already been knitted up. Does it look like mine?

Reb said...

There is a small hole visible in the center of the medallion, so I think you're wise to try various cast-ons. I'm experimenting with them later today and will post about it tonight or tomorrow.

I haven't seen this in person. BJ lives 3,000 miles from me! She's a virtual knitting pal. :)