March 18, 2006


Finally! I was able to log in. I've had trouble accessing this blog.
I am a self taught knitter who learns by experimenting.
I don't want to purchase a very expensive yarn yet.
I think I want to try something less expensive. Any suggestions?
I'm looking forward to the challenge. I will be able to start next week
since I will be on spring break.


Kenny said...

Sorry, no suggestions since I'm making this with the original yarn. But by making it, I would suggest a variegated yarn together with a solid color yarn of the same weight.

Reb said...

Ana Maria, are you wanting to go with worsted weight wool? An inexpensive variegated doesn't come to mind, but has many heathered colors (you'd need 2) which might look good. It's called Peruvian Highland Wool. Also, KnitPicks has inexpensive wool.

I'm blanking on inexpensive variegated ones, though. You could get Lion Brand Fisherman and dye it with Kool-Aid.