March 28, 2006

Simplified Version Now Available!

Hi, kids. Sorry I've been AWOL--I very innocently needed to reorganize my yarn treasury (to, um, sneak some more yarn into the house) and came up for air many days later, a household-wide Spring Consolidation (can't really call it Spring Cleaning since I didn't clean a thing) complete.

I have received the simplified version of the shrweater! I will be sending it to everyone shortly via email, as an attached .pdf file. New members will receive the pattern upon request. Annie has very kindly shared this pattern with us, so let's please respect copyright and not profit financially from her generosity.

That said, the major difference I see between the patterns is the beginning--knitting more stitches before joining, which is probably easier to manipulate. The stitch pattern is the same as far as I can tell, although you begin at a different point in the pattern, so the rows are written in a different order from the Vogue Pattern. I am going to try both to confirm that, though.

As for my swatches, I have not been happy with anything so far. I decided size 7s are too small, so I got some 8s in appropriate lengths this weekend. I'm a bit shakier with 2 circs than DPNs, but I'll let you know how it goes. Also, I'm having colorway doubts. My chocolate colored worsted arrived, but I'm not sure about it with Vera. Time will tell!

Kenny, your knitting looks so beautiful! I hope to catch up to you soon.

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jocelyne e miller said...

hi Reb,
i also have the schur on the needle but i am having a problem with the understanding of the pattern.
i subscribe to Vogue have for year love the pattern.
got the yarn she use (annie Modesitt).
can i still join your group.
thanks jocelyne gainesville ga usa