March 15, 2006

Round and Around

So, in my 1000th attempt to start a circle, I came up with this:

I started the circle with Emily Ocker's circular cast on using size 6 US needles. Knitted a few rounds and went up to size 7 US and finally started the first pattern repeat with size 8 US. I worked the first pattern repeat and then I took out the needles and put the live stitches onto waste yarn to "check it out", I guess.

Look at how it is rippling!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PATTERN???

Maybe nothing. I read somewhere that said - to make a circle, you increase 8 stitches every other row/round. That's ok. I also read somewhere that said - if your work ripples, your needle size is too small, and if your work cups, your needle size is too big. Hmm.....

So, I decided that a sacrifice must be made. I'm just going to cut this $5000 yarn and make what I have into a swatch. As I snipped, my on-lookers cringed. I soaked it in some water and here is what I have.

Ehh.... it's now laying a little flatter.

So here's the thing. I think maybe I ought to just put this project aside for a while. It's really stressing me out. Should I attempt this once again tonight? What would I do different? Should I start with 6 US and go up to 8 US? Should I go up to even 9 US? Should I use a different increase?

Alas, I don't know the answers!! Probably an invisible increase would look better. Probably, in the grand scheme of things, I'm worrying about nothing. I just need to close an eye and keep knitting.

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Reb said...

Kenny, that's what I have too, tons o' ruffles! I got just as many ruffles on my second swatch as on my first. This was on 7s. On my next attempt, I'll try 8s. Maybe it's just one of those counterintuitive things--seems like we should use smaller needles to avoid holes, but it creates ruffles. I JUST got my contrast worsted weight, so I can start now. Sorry you have been alone up to this point. I didn't have too much motivation to keep swatching when I couldn't do it in two colors. Hopefully I'll have something I can post tomorrow, including pics.

Thank you for being brave enough to sacrfice your yarn to a swatch! After soaking it, it looks flat in the pic.

BJ did use size 9 needles for her shrweater.

Your increases look great. I can't see them. Which increase did you use?