March 10, 2006

Yarn Musings

I don't get Vogue Knitting, so when Paula turned me on to this shrweater last week, I was instantly smitten. I had vivid and immediate dreams of Lorna's racing through my mind. I saw Lorna's, wanted Lorna's and pondered Lorna's obsessively. I considered a whole lot of colorways: Watercolor with Charcoal trim, Gold Hill with Cedar, Black Purl with Charcoal, Vera with Chocolate, Sand Ridge, Jeans, and more. Even Forest is really nice with its more subtle hues. I decided on the dramatic Vera. It's different from what I normally choose, there's high contrast, plus Chocolate will match my hair. :) And I don't have much wardrobe in the way of browns. Ivory doesn't normally work for me, but all the color thrown in there gives me the opportunity to embrace one of my bêtes noires.

I'm really curious how this project will look with varying amounts of contrast between the colorways. Or how about two variegated yarns, one high contrast within that yarn, the other low? Or maybe two solid colors, either high contrast or low. How about Noro Silk Garden making concentric color circles? With my singular mindset, I forgot to consider so many options! Artyarns Supermerino is lovely? Ooh, Mountain Colors! I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone's choices.

I ordered my yarn online from Chez Casuelle, a brick & mortar and online shop. I couldn't find Grace locally, and ChezCas provided great service with a discount and free shipping to new customers. The yarn is winging its way across the continent. In the meantime I'll continue to pre-wrap my mind around the pattern way more than I usually do.


Kenny said...

Ooooh Reb.... I wish you could start now. I'm having so much problems and I'm not sure if it's me, or if they pattern is supposed to be like that.

Reb said...

I wish I could, too! I'm awaiting only the Color B, so I'll play with the cast-ons tonight using Color A.

Vicki said...

I live in Australia and found the Lorna's Laces yarns very difficult to find; shipping and the exchange rates would cost an arm and a leg.

I settled on Te Awa Natural Wool from New Zealand in a semi worsted style. It comes in 200g hanks with 384 metres per hank. Colour is autumn and ranges from dark copper and rust through to cream to dark olive and a lighter, almost leafy green.

Colour B is an ochre colour I already had, and the trim will be a loopy mohair in a similar shade of green to the lighter green in the variegated colour A.